Grandview Heights Moment in Time

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Jule B. Keitz was a Grandview Heights mayor who ran and won election to the office in 1947 because of his stand on the issue of "wrapped garbage." He appealed to residents to approve his program, saying, "Grandview housewives can wrap garbage without costing the city or taxpayers one extra penny." After Keitz won the election, he proceeded to get an ordinance approved, making it illegal to place glass, metal or other injurious materials in garbage cans. After being sworn in Jan. 1, 1948, the new mayor wasted no time getting his pet projects accomplished. In this photo, Keitz is shown with Grandview businessmen Don Hennen and C.L. Deyo, who donated $1,180 to buy street signs for Grandview. In total, 175 signs were installed at intersections, where the names had been marked only on the curbsides. Keitz sought reelection four years later but lost to A.K. Pierce, who pledged, "No city income tax, now or ever." Wrapped garbage no longer was the issue of the day.