Grandview Heights moment in time

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The Jeffrey Mining Co. held an annual golf tournament at the "Arlington Hunt and Golf Club," which actually was called the Arlington Country Club at the time in 1917. It was renamed as the Aladdin Country Club after it was sold to the Shriners. In 1896, the Arlington Country Club moved into the quarters designed for them by noted Columbus architect Frank Packard. The 2-story clubhouse was on 4 acres and included a track and stable facilities for the riding club. It was due south of present-day No. 10 Arlington Place, and the clubhouse stood on the edge of the bluff facing the valley below. An additional 12 acres had been acquired after 1896 to accommodate the nine-hole golf course. In 1914, Arlington Country Club members were asked to cooperate in the organization of a new 18-hole club and were offered $125 per share for their stock and made first in line for membership in the newly designed Scioto Country Club, which opened in 1916. The Arlington Country Club property was purchased by the Shriners and remained in existence until 1925. The clubhouse survived for some years, sometimes vacant, and sometimes as a private residence.