Grandview Heights Moment in Time

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"White is the snow, crisp is the day, and all is fun in a tinkling sleigh." Robert Jones, Norman Brown, John Bogen and William Connor pull a sleigh carrying Theodora Hannus, Jacqueline Soule, Mary Anderson, Sue Burghalter and Juanita Thompson, all Grandview Heights High School seniors having fun during the winter of 1949. This picture and quote were taken from the 1949 Highlander of Grandview Heights High School, which was dedicated to the Grandview residents "who have always stood squarely behind our schools." With enthusiasm as their keynote, the class of 1949 Boosters comprised the entire student body. They planned and carried out assemblies, Club Tropicabana (the winter dance) and the April talent show and conducted the annual magazine campaign. The redecorated school building of 1948-49 inspired a new format for the 1949 Highlander, and co-editors Sylvia Edmundson, Norman Brown and the rest of the staff worked to create the new look for the yearbook.